OTT Platforms Look To Take Advantage Of Lockdowns


People around the world are entirely scared about the lockdown, Covid-19 outbreak and resultant economic slowdown.

After the threat is contained successfully, many countries will take time to reach the same growth rate as earlier and slowdown will affect the affordability of consumers big time.

Also, during lock downs people need some kind of environment to keep them engaged in their boring lives of no outside parties or shopping or films for days.

Well, someone’s loss is always another person’s opportunity. Hence, this lockdown and pandemic is an opportunity for various OTT service providers and even TV Channels.

Satellite Channels haven’t been able to attract audiences as much as they could earlier and OTT boom has hurt then even badly.

Now, they can try to regain some market while OTT try to consolidate theirs’. OTT platforms could introduce pending shows faster and encourage their viewers to subscribe to them for longer periods with handsome discounts.

This way they can thrive further even during the re-building as 14-20 days of watching various shows can addict a person to spend their time on OTT platforms more than they preferred to before.

Until people find it okay to spend extravagant amounts for shopping and films, OTT could just smash other markets in creative field like never before.

Film producers should keep this mind and tackle it well in advance with better content that forces audiences to rush to theaters, otherwise blow will be severe than piracy.

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