Palasa 1978 Hero’s WHO To Be Shot In Four Different Countries


While the deadly coronavirus is ravaging the whole world, the filmmakers are intriguing to make a film on the virus. Telugu makers have been planning a movie titled ‘WHO’ by roping in actor Rakshith Atluri, who rose to fame with ‘Palasa 1978.’ Rakshit had earned decent applause for his performance as a village man in his recent film.Dhayan Atluri of Sudhas Media banner will be presenting the film and helmed by award-winning filmmaker Dev Pinnamaraju. Titled ‘WHO’ stands for ‘World Hazard Ordinance’.

As per reports, the film will be shot in four different countries, India, USA, Italy, South Africa and India-China border. Since the film is based on the pandemic, the Telugu audience are very much thrilled to witness the flick.

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