Pawan’s Decision Leaves The Producer Worried!


After spending a couple of years focusing on his political career, Pawan decided to make an entry back in films and signed three films instantly. ‘Vakeel Saab’ is the first in line with only a few scenes left to complete the shoot. With the pandemic hitting the nation, people are fearing to come out of their houses and our stars are no different. Reports say that Pawan is confined to his home for now and is not planning to start filming for any other movie except for ‘Vakeel Saab’.

Since it is a courtroom drama, it requires less number of people and the shoot is also expected to complete within 15 days. Doubts are beginning to arise on his big budget film with Krrish as people are saying that Pawan decided to put it on hold for now and start Harish Shankar’s project instead as it is easy to shoot. These rumours are creating a lot of fear and worry in producer AM Ratnam.

Some others say that Pawan is neither joining Harish’s project nor Krrish’s project but is focusing only on completing ‘Vakeel Saab’ for now. As Krrish’s film produced by AM Ratnam is a periodic drama, it requires a lot of people to be present in the sets which is not possible for now as the rules laid down by the government don’t allow more than 50 members to be present. We need to wait and see how Pawan works things out.

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