Pawan’s Film Damaged Completely!Huge Loss For The Makers!


Apart from ‘Vakeel Saab’, Pawan Kalyan simultaneously started a periodic drama under the direction of Krrish Jagarlamudi. AM Ratnam is producing this high-budget flick and he spent a lot of money on a massive set erected in the Aluminium factory of Hyderabad to shoot crucial portions. Sources say that the set involved a big ship along with sea as it is very important for the movie. A lot of effort went into the building of the set and it came out wonderfully as per reports. If things went as planned, the shooting part in that set would have been completely and the entire set would have been taken down by now.

But the postponement of shootings had costed the producers heavily as the recent rains completely damaged the set and it is in no condition to be used. The set needs to be built from the scratch again as per sources and the producer will be reportedly bearing a loss of over one crore.

The virus outbreak has already taken its toll on the filmmakers who are now trying to reduce costs wherever they can. Facing such heavy losses at this time is frustrating. Moreover, films like these need to theatres to start running again and that too in full capacity. Considering the current situation, it may not happen any time soon and we need to see in which way Pawan’s film goes from now on.

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