Pia Bajpai Might Be Feeling Too Much Heat


Most of us remember, Rangam. Not just for the song, Enduko Emo, but also for the story and the way it has been dealt by director KV Anand.

It might not be stretching it too much if we compliment the movie is a modern day classic in depicting the political scenario. It could hit all the notes, correctly.

Apart from Karthika Nair, another girl Pia Bajpai could win hearts of the youngsters. Interestingly, both couldn’t carry forward the momentum to become stars.

Anyways, Pia could find good amount of fan attraction due to her bold photoshoots and this time, she just did want to wear clothes fully.

Looking at this image, we do turn a bit nostalgic, as we used also try removing clothes or loosen them up in front of a fan or a cooler just like her for cold air. Seems like she is doing the same, doesn’t it?

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