Please don’t trust on Men Sukumar


Famous Tollywood Director Sukumar has spoken about the barbaric incident of gang-rape and murder of Disha. The police have decided to change the victim’s name to Disha and not to use original names of photos of the family of the victim.

Showing his concern on this incident Sukumar became emotional and said he is regretting deeply for being a male in this dangerous society.’Please don’t trust on Men. We men are animals,’ he said.

‘Priyanka Reddy’s rape and murder incident has left everyone heartbroken. Few people are saying that she should have dialed 100 instead of seeking the help of stranger on that night. But after listening to Priyanka’ last phone call, I thought she believed that those four men were really trying to help her. I urge every woman to never trust a man. Please don’’t trust us. The men are animals. Criminals are born within the men and we are all responsible for it,’ he added.

His bold statements have divided the public and netizens into two groups. One of those who support the director and the other those who are against his stand on this incident. His statement is a harsh reality that did not go well with most of the people.

Many celebrities from Bollywood like Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar have also responded to this incident and said that they are very sad to hear about such incidents.

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