PM Modi’s Advice To Saaho Hero Prabhas!!


Hero Prabhas is very diffident and does not speak much. But, PM Modi is a great communicator who loves conversations. No wonder, when both met in the aftermath of the success of Baahubali at Delhi, it was Modi who did most of the talking.

Prabhas says Modi has advised him to shoot in the Gulf countries. He told Prabhas that some of the Muslim countries in both the Central Asia as well as West Asia had exotic locales and films could be shot there. He advised Prabhas to choose such locations for his films. Now promoting his Friday-release Saaho, Prabhas says that though he could not follow PM Modi’ advice for Saaho, he would definitely do it for his upcoming films. He said the PM has also wished for good and peaceful times for Jammu and Kashmir and hoped that it would become a hot favourite shooting destination for Indian films again.

However, Prabhas clarified that he has no interest whatsoever in politics. “There is no question of me joining politics. Politics is anathema for me,” he told an interviewer in the run-up for Saaho’s release.

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