Police Boss Furious On Film Producer-Turned Politician


There is no stopping the top producer in Tollywood PVP aka Potluri Vara Prasad these days. Reports came that he is using all his political clout and doing attrocities in Hyderabad. Recently PVP has threatened Kailash Singh an owner of a Villa who stays beside Pops Villa. He wanted to renovate the house and thus proceeded but PVP along with 20 rowdies threatened Kailash and caused harm to his property.

Later Kailash got scared and filed a Police complaint. When Police came to PVP house to know about the matter he threatened then with his dogs. The matter has went to Police boss Anjani Kumar and the furious boss is all setvto look into PVP case and decide his fate very soon. Let’s see if Anjani Kumar can put a full stop to the attrocities of this budding Politician and film producer.

On the film front, PVP has become a hub for promising talent in Tollywood and actors like Adivi Sesh can be said as the prodigies of him as he encouraged small films in that due course. Of late he is full busy in politics rather than in films!

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