Poonam Calls Kanika Kapoor A Criminal


It is known that popular singer Kanika Kapoor tested positive for Coronavirus. What’s more sensational is that she acted recklessly by not following the government protocol and sneaked out of the airport by avoiding all the medical tests.

She later threw a party in a lavish 5-star hotel where a lot of politicians and business people were invited. Her irresponsible act has put everyone’s life in danger now and the internet is fuming over the ‘Baby Doll’ singer. They are demanding the government to arrest her under epidemic, 1897 section 3.

Bashing Kanika on Twitter, actress Poonam Kaur wrote, “Taking responsibility is a choice that we make … escaping into comforts, thinking high about oneself coz of fame, thinking oneself powerful coz one has money, power is in being responsible in the place n position that we are in to do better for society #KanikaKapoor #criminal.”

This issue is trending all over social media. What do you think? Should Kanika Kapoor be punished? Or Should she be spared?

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