Poonam Kaur lambasted Ram Gopal Varma


The moment Ram Gopal Varma announced his next film ‘Power Star’. Tweets started pouring against this veteran director. Now, fade out actress Poonam Kaur has lambasted ace Director Ram Gopal Varma saying he should involve a character named RGV in this film and is character arch should like that of a person who knows the weakness of other women and sends them tweets and notes to put forward to media and he only reveals the secret to media. In this way the actress has shunted the Director left and right. RGV’s response is awaited but many netizens appreciate her guts to lmbast this once great director!

Earlier Poonam has revealed the hypocrisy of RGV during the death of Sushant Singh Rajput saying that why he doesn’t open up about the atrocities in Bollywood and why only target South stars. Is it because you get no money from Bollywood she questioned.

It is evident that RGV has released Naked film on OTT recently and is making huge money even in the crisis.

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