Popular Anchor Says No To This


Once upon a time there would be a down look on Telugu Anchors to take them in mainstream films but the scene has now changed. The reason is obvious the anchors like Anasuya , Rashmi and Sri Mukhi have upped the glam quotient on Television screens and amassed super popularity among youth.

It is obvious that Anchors Rashmi and Anasuya have already ramped up the hot factor in mainstream movies. Sri Mukhi who became a household name with the programme ‘Patas’ in a TV channel has made a name for her in Tollywood too. She has acted in the hit film ‘Julayi’ directed by Trivikram. After that film and few TV show, Sri Mukhi has entered the Bigg Boss 3 house and has become the runner-up in the show and thus upped her popularity!

The Anchor said in a recent Interview that she can’t do one thing! and that probable one thing was showing her house to the audience. It has become a commoner among celebrities to reveal their houses for the audience. Even Megastar, Rana and all the Bigg Boss participants have shown their houses so far but Sri Mukhi has turned down the request with a sorry. Wonder what might be the reason!