Powerstar as chief guest for this biopic’s event!


It is quite rare to see Pawan Kalyan at film-related events. He finds reasons to avoid his own movie events and it is a tough ask to make him attend the functions of other films. But, the news is that Pawan will be making time to come as a chief guest for the pre-release event of a biopic.

It is a known fact that ‘George Reddy’ which is releasing on November 22nd is a biopic of Osmania University student leader who was brutally murdered. The protagonist follows communist ideology and is a revolutionary leader in this film and as Pawan too shares the same thought process on certain issues, he reportedly agreed to the producer’s request.

The event will be held grandly on 17th October and Pawan’s arrival is sure to bring a lot of buzz around this film. Sandeep Madhav plays the title role of ‘George Reddy’ in this film directed by Jeevan Reddy.

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