Prabhas’ Behaviour Irritates His Mother


Having made his debut at the age of 22, with the movie Eshwar, Young Rebel Star Prabhas has come a long way in the films. Now, he is a pan-India actor who enjoys craze, market and a fan base equal to that of a star hero in Bollywood film industry. For any actor, it is a dream and so is for Prabhas who is having a great time in professional front. But, all this is nothing for Prabhas’ mother who never wanted him to make movies as a career.

Prabhas recently opened up on his personal life and spoke about his mother. Prabhas told that his mother never wanted him to become an actor and she wished him to do a simple job and have a cool life and get married at the right time. ”I get a lot of phone calls when I am at home because of the work I do and it irritates my mother a lot,” says Prabhas that she is not completely fine with his way of living style.

But, at the end of the day, she only wishes the best and not anything else for Prabhas and he also acknowledged the same.

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