Prabhas Can’t Marry All Of Them: Krishnam Raju’s Wife


Prabhas continues to be one of the most eligible bachelors in the country. Marriage of the Baahubali Star remains a trending topic due to the rumours in circulation all the time. Whenever there was a speculation about marriage, It’s mostly linked to a girl hailing from Bhimavaram.

Krishnam Raju’s Wife Shyamala Devi revealed about the never ending marriage proposals from Bhimavaram Girls. ‘Due to the craze, A lot of girls from Bhimavaram come to meet Me so that they could give themselves a chance to get married to Prabhas. Any way, It’s not gonna be possible to marry all of them. So, They are happy to get married to him at least in rumours. Such speculations surface regularly only because people admire Prabhas so much,’ she explained.

Prabhas is lucky to have a ‘cool’ aunt like Shyamala Devi. It’s also an indication of how much Family Members love Young Rebel!

After ‘Saaho’, Prabhas works for a Love Story to be produced by Krishnam Raju on his home banner Gopikrishna Movies. First Schedule of this multi-lingual flick has been wrapped up. Budget of this flick to be directed by Radhakrishna of ‘Jil’ fame will be decided based on the range of ‘Saaho’.

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