Prabhas Clarified On His Marriage Once Again!


Prabhas is the most eligible bachelor in India right now, as he is a successful actor, has family properties, comes from a family with huge name and respect, known as darling by fans and friends, also a person who respects individuals despite of caste, money or any other differences!

With such a good quality profile, people are unable to understand why he isn’t married yet? The actor has been dodging this question from 2011 and now, Bollywood media, made it a National issue.

They have been asking the actor about his marriage and even raised rumours about his marriage with Anushka.

The actor clarified in his recent interview that he is not in love with Anushka or anyone. He stated that he will prefer love marriage.

Even his uncle, Krishnam Raju said that he loves to his son getting married but they haven’t fixed any NRI girl or anyone from their relatives. He confirmed that the search is still on for a suitable bride.

The family and fans are waiting for Prabhas to fall in love and get married but the actor is not in any hurry!

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