Prabhas Fans Scared About Their Hero!


Prabhas waited almost three months to start the shoot of his film, O Dear (working title) in Europe and the crew is trying to finish the shoot with extreme caution even though there is Covid-19 threat.

Adding to that Radhakrishna, the director of the film, tried to show off the team’s resilience to continue to work even under testing conditions with a BTS photo.

He tweeted,

“10 degrees cold, pouring rain and corona virus threat. Nothing stops the spirit of crew. #Prabhas20 ”

Well, that did not go down well with the fans. They did not come up with encouraging words. They started asking the team to plan shoot some other time and leave the country soon.

Some expressed concern about endorsing such behaviour and asked the director to just work in silence, if they cannot absolutely avoid.

Some commented that the team spent days and months together idle and suddenly started working sincerely when whole world is frightened.

Most of them asked the team to take all safety precautions and keep their Darling Prabhas safe during the shoot and if need arises quarantine the entire team to save him, themselves rather than just pushing themselves in such harsh and sensitive conditions.

At times, it is clever to work in silence and talk about the hardships after the smoke settles than try to become a hero when everyone is frightened!

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