Prabhas vs Prahlad Kakkar For ‘Saaho’


Whenever a hero or heroine is going to test their luck in other languages, the audience and especially fans will also show interest in who is going to give dubbing for their role in the film.

It is known that Young Rebel Star Prabhas is going to test his luck at Bollywood box office with his ‘Saaho’ movie. Earlier, Prahlad Kakkar gave dubbing for Prabhas in ‘Baahubali’ movie. But it seems like be want to change it for ‘Saaho’. The makers have unveiled the teaser of the film and the Hindi version teaser has surprised the fans. Prabhas himself has given dubbing for his role in the flick. Though it is the single Hindi word ‘Main Hoon’, the audience are super excited and we have to wait and see if we can hear his original voice in the Hindi version of the movie also or not.

Rumors are rife that Prabhas will dub for the whole Hindi version only if everyone from Bollywood likes it. Else, they are planning Prahlad Kakkar again. Let’s see if Prabhas will dub himself or not.

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