Prakash Raj Comes Forward To Support Rahul Sipligunj!


It is known that Bigg Boss 3 winner Rahul Sipligunj was recently attacked in Prism Pub which was in Gachibowli. Rishik Reddy who was a brother of MLA Rohit Reddy smashed a beer bottle on the head of the famous singer which left Rahul in injuries. He immediately rushed to the hospital and later he came in front of the media and demanded justice for what was done to him. Rahul Sipligunj even tweeted to KTR asking for justice and said he is an admirer of KCR. Celebrities like Noel and Varun Sandesh came forward in support of the singer.

Now, versatile actor Prakash Raj came to the aid of Rahul as he demanded justice for the popular singer. They met Vijay Bhaskar Daasyam recently which led to rumors that they wanted to settle the issue. Prakash Raj openly denied it saying that it was a casual meeting and there is no option of backing out till justice is served. He claimed that Rahul is not at fault in this issue and there is no question of compromise.

With Prakash Raj getting involved, the situation certainly heated up over Rahul’s issue now.

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