Priya Punia is the latest Cricketing Heartthrob


Priya Punia is a 23 years old latest sensation of Indian Women’s cricket team. She has become the heartthrob of the country due to her attacking batting style and extremely good looks. She has a huge fan following on social media and keeps on posting her latest pics for the fans.

Priya Punia has played 3 ODIs for India. She scored unbeaten 75 runs in her debut match against South Africa. She has also played 3 T20 matches for India. She scored just 9 runs in them. She was also the Player-of-the-Match in the IPL Women’s final between Supernovas and Velocity.

From her childhood days, Priya is said to have been fond of badminton and later, she developed an interest in cricket. Priya Punia’s father Surendra dedicated his entire life to make her a cricketer. She considers him to her only role-model.

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