Priyanka Cozies Up on Her Husband’s Lap


PeeCee or Piggy Chops, whatever name you would love to give to Priyanka Chopra-Jones, she has been trying to spread the positive message of self-quarantine from quite some time.

Rather than trying to just make videos or take selfies with no make-up like Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt she decided to make it look more vibrant and mushy.

She cuddled up in her backyard with her pet dog on her husband, Nick Jonas lap to give everyone a goal to look up to.

Hear us out, before you ridicule. Covid-19 is really depressing and we all agree about that. Rather than feeling it as a weight that crushing us down, we can look it as an opportunity to spend time with our families as much as we can.

We can get to enjoy those romantic moments that we always missed and this photo seems to show us all a way, to grab our moment even in such depressing times.

You got give everything a positive spin to really feel better and upbeat. Try being that way once and you will see the world of change.

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