Producers Waiting For Right Date To Release This Mega Hero’s Film


Allu Sirish is one of the Mega Family lead actors and he is still looking to find a place for him at the box office. He is unable to find a good hit that will establish his market.

He is confident that ABCD – American Born Confused Desi, will be a big break film for him.

The movie is a remake of big hit in Malayalam with the same title. It is said to be an hilarious comedy and the actor is really banking on it.

But he isn’t been able to find a good date. Right now, two Telugu states are completely rocked by politics and elections.

And after this, the two big summer months have many films lined up too. It has been a very tight schedule and Allu Sirish is unable to lock a date for the film along with producers.

Soon, they will find a date and announce, it seems. Ruksaar Dhillion is playing the female lead in the film.

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