Puri Educates The Audience in RGV Style!


Dashing director Puri Jagannadh is a person who has to have some or the other work all the time. Puri himself said it during many interviews. He was supposed to be shooting for his film with Vijay Devarakonda but he had to get confined to his home because of the Corona pandemic.

In his free time, he decided to educate the audience about this deadly virus in his own style. Or you can say RGV style. His videos are getting good views and the audience are liking his aggressive and on-point views. But his comments and statements are distancing him for some big people as per the media. Sources say that they informed the same to Puri for which the ‘Rogue’ director did not respond.

Previously his colleague and close friend Charmme Kaur made a sarcastic tweet welcoming Coronavirus to India. It sparked a huge controversy and Charmme has to immediately take down her tweet. Netizens are commenting that Coronavirus took Charmme’s invitation too seriously.

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