Puri Jagannath Just Looks His Son, Doesn’t He?


Puri Jagannath entered Industry to prove himself as a writer and become a director. He wanted to learn the craft as an assistant director first.

His family sent him money and he tried to find a way to earn his own money at least to bare his expenses.

The director joined Ram Gopal Varma as an assistant after he became a sensation with Telugu Shiva. He became an actor in Hindi Shiva and then became an assistant to him, Krishna Vamsi later, doing Doordarshan serials to earn his food.

With emergence of Pawan Kalyan, he got his first chance as a director with Badri and then with Idiot, Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi, he even became a successful producer.

The story after that is known to everyone. Well, we can see him in this photo as Shiva Gang Member with Nagarjuna in this frame.

He just looks his son, Akash Puri, at his young age, doesn’t he? Ram Gopal Varma shared the throwback pic and Puri Jagannath thanked him for his first opportunity.

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