Puri Jagannath Suggests Drinking Castor Oil to Negative People


Puri Jagannath is known for his eccentric hero characters and statements as well. He states the obvious fact in a very sarcastic tone.

He does the same with his heroes and he did the same in real life too. He gave out a very eccentric solution to keep people at home who are negative for the sake of it.

He said, “PM Narendra Modi asked us all to participate in Janatha Curfew for 12 hours on Sunday and it is a welcome sign.

We should utilise these moments to get educated about the virus and disease. We should fight it like Chinese after realising that it is spreading all over the country from Wuhan.

If people want to travel even in these torrid times, I suggest them going to Wuhan and enjoying company of people who are facing the disease.

If they demotivate you and say that they have to be outside even for that one day, then ask them to drink castor oil in the morning. Until the night time, that too keep them busy in toilets!”

Well, he might have given an eccentric solution but he did state a fact. Staying home is going to help us curtail the disease spread and in 12 hours, we don’t miss the world!

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