Puri Pens His Dream Project On This Backdrop


A few years ago, Puri Jagannadh announced a film with Mahesh Babu titled Jana Gana Mana. But, the film didn’t go on to sets. With this, the rumours were heard that Puri had shelved his dream project. However, Puri responded on this and clarified that he is going back on his dream project.

Puri completed the script during the lockdown and announced that he will revive the film very soon.

Now, the latest buzz is that Puri has set Jana Gana Mana’s story in the Indian Army backdrop. Amid war like conditions, these kinds of films can surely turn blockbusters.

He is planning to make the film on a huge scale and wants to release on multiple languages. However, Puri has not revealed which hero will do the film. We’ve to wait for some more days to know more about this crazy project.

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