Put Me In Jail If…: Kabir Singh Director


Sandeep Reddy is no way backing away from the hard-hitting comments he made on Bollywood Critics like Rajeev Masand. He now says, ‘Put Me in Jail if I am glorifying a rapist. But, How can anybody find fault with Heroine asking Hero what does he like about her the most’.

The Filmmakers allege some of the Bollywood Critics doesn’t want ‘Kabir Singh’ to release and hence so much hatred was spread through Reviews. ‘Critics are depending on the Films..on the Industry. I am just curious to know what is the reason behind offering review on Friday morning at 9’o Clock? Why can’t they wait for 2-3 days? I have seen few people do it on Thursday night itself. It’s because of reviews, Advance Bookings of films have been getting cancelled. Critics are living on films and Killing films,’ he told.

The Kabir Singh Director feels Reviewers are bringing too many calculations instead of expressing their opinion on a movie. He says, ‘It has become a fashion to bring This Country…This Men all the time. To much judging the film is happening, instead of having fun while watching a movie. I don’t care a damn about the worst reviews but dare to talk a week after the release. Because Distributors…Exhibitors, so many lives were involved and they lose everything if a film fails. Do they have the guts to wait for a week…they don’t!’.

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