Raai Laxmi’s Revealing Bikini Show!


Laxmi Raai is a proof that change in name does nothing for you. She turned her name into Raai Laxmi hoping that it would turn her fate. But nothing worked in her favor. Known for her glamour show right from the beginning of her career, Laxmi Raai’s career never took off but she managed to stay in the limelight with her hot bikini uploads and cleavage shows.

She hoped that her career gets a boost post the super hot item number ‘Rathalu Rathalu’ from ‘Khaidi No.150’ but nothing of that sort happened. She recently stormed the internet once again with her sexy upload. She posed sensuously in an orange single-piece bikini with all her vicious curves at full display. The deep cut bikini gives us a peek into her cleavage and the slim figure through the slinky outfit is sure to up the mercury levels by the poolside.

With matching shades and mesmerizing looks, Laxmi Raai is quenching the thirst of her followers with such raunchy uploads. She is currently doing a Telugu film called ‘Ananda Bhairavi’ and ‘Cinderella’ in Tamil. She is also doing a Kannada film titled ‘Jhansi’. But how far can these films help her career?

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