Raashi Khanna Hopes To Not Repeat Mistakes Like WFL


World Famous Lover did not work as a film i theatres for fans, for producer, for actors as well. Vijay Devarakonda has to come up with a hit next, to come out of this disaster.

While he is trying to do so, Raashi Khanna is also thinking about not repeating the mistake she committed by accepting the film. It is her opinion that the movie was a mistake, not ours.

She said that she wants to learn from such mistakes and help herself build a better career as an actress. She was invited as Chief Guest at Women’s Day celebrations at ISB.

She shared her excitement in this tweet as well,

“Was so honoured to be the chief guest at the women’s day celebrations at ISB. So inspired by the women going against the tide & succeeding!
If you are privileged enough to have a voice, use it!We women need to support & empower one another & together,we can change the world!”

Anyways as an actress she had more flops than hits in her career and it seems like she has almost come to the end of her prime.

She may surprise us again with several good hits but for now, mistakes did cost her most than hits help her build a career.

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