Ragala 24 Ghantallo Trailer Talk


Eesha Rebba seems to have decided to not limit herself to kind of character she pulled off in the film, Ami Thumi. She is okay to go a little bit more bold as her photo shoots, indicated.

In this new trailer of the film, Ragala 24 Ghantallo, she is playing a newly married girl whose husband dies in mysterious way.

Figuring out who killed him is the story. It seems like the tried and tested plot but Srinivass Redde is looking to upgrade himself from regular commercial comedy with this film.

After Damarukham, he seems to have got an idea about handling a technically superior quality film than he did before. Cinematography looks really rich for the budget and team needs to be appreciated for that.

Along with Eesha, Satya Dev and Srikanth are acting as leads. In the trailer itself it is revealed that Satya is playing the husband character while Srikanth investigative officer.

We can see Krishna Bhagawan, favorite comedian of the director returning with this film as well.

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