Rajamouli Wants To Halt Shoot For Some More Days


After skipping the July 30 deadline, the release date of Rajamouli’s magnum opus #RRR had moved to January 8, 2021, and baffled all the excited fans. But with the ongoing health crisis, resuming the film shoot has became a big challenge for Rajamouli. Even after easing of restrictions, the shootings are permitted with a limited crew. But a film like RRR needs a larger crew to make things happen correctly.

Initially, Rajamouli expected to shoot some scenes with a limited set in a huge set after getting the required permissions with of available actors.

For this, he arranged a huge set and announced a date to conduct a mock shoot to check the possibilities. However, he didn’t perform a mock shoot. The reason for this is that filming with a less crew and the absence of foreign technicians will affect the output of the entire film. So, Rajamouli thought that it is better to halt the shoot for some more days until the situations turn in favour.

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