Rajamouli’s Surprise Disappoints Audience Badly!


There was a lot of hype over the update from the ‘RRR’ team from the past few days. The team of ‘RRR’ officially announced it that they have a special treat on January 1st which took the excitement to the next level. They also said that there is going to be an update for every festival till the movie’s release. This made the fans overjoyed. Mega and Nandamuri fans waited for the update with bated breathe and to everyone’s disappointment, they released a poster saying, ‘Happy #RRR Year’ without the heroes.

This came in as a complete shock to everyone and fans are seriously irritated by Rajamouli this time. Fans of Charan and NTR took to social media and slammed the makers for releasing such a poster. While some posts were sarcastic, some were filled with complete anger. They said that despite the advancement in technology some filmmakers never update themselves.
They asked what is the use of releasing posters just before the film’s release as no one cares about them at that time. We need to wait and see how Rajamouli responds to this outrage. ‘RRR’ is currently in the filming stage and makers say that over 70% of the shooting is completed. Bollywood actors like Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt are part of this big-budget flick along with some Hollywood stars.