Rajasekhar & Hema Fires On Naresh!


The clash between Shivaji Raja Panel & Naresh Panel during the recent MAA Elections is known to one and all. In the end, Naresh Panel Members had the last laugh by emerging victorious. But now, Members within Naresh Panel are having difference of opinion. Few incidents which happened during the oath-taking ceremony made people believe that all isn’t well.

MAA President Naresh declared the Welfare Schemes which are introduced in the best interest of members in the Association. He kept using ‘I’ instead of ‘We’ while delivering his speech and taking solo credit for everything hasn’t gone down well with the Office Bearers.

Miffed with it, Rajasekhar found fault with Naresh and suggested him to correct his mistake. When Hema too raised the same issue and asked him to take other members into confidence while taking any decision, A visibly upset Naresh snatched the mike from her hand. Quickly, Jeevitha and Rajasekhar intervened to handover the mike to Hema so that she could express her feelings. These unexpected moments cause huge embarrassment to the newly elected President.

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