Rajasekhar Realizes His Bad Decision But Time’s Up


Senior hero Rajashekhar made a comeback in his second innings with the successful PSV Garuda Vega. Later, he made an investigative thriller called Kalki. Though the film was not a great success, it still brought fame for Rajashekhar for choosing varied kinds of subjects.

From the last few weeks, it is being reported that Rajashekhar is doing the sequel of Garuda Vega. Even the actor confirmed the same. But all of a sudden, yesterday he announced that he is doing an emotional thriller with Tamil director Pradeep Krishnamoorthy. On would wonder why Rajashekhar opted to do a film with Tamil director while he started doing well with young Telugu makers.

On top of that, Pradeep is not a big director in Kollywood and is still struggling to make a mark in the industry. Garuda Vega and Kalki got good openings as both the directors Praveen Sattaru and Prasanth Varma have a certain amount of following among the Telugu audience. Rajashekhar missed this logic and signed his next with an unknown director.

Now, the senior actor is said to have realized his bad decision since there is absolutely no buzz in the trade and the distributors who usually meet Rajasekhar after a new movie announcement did not even turn up to congratulate and it had made the actor realize that he is heading towards a wrong direction. What will the actor do now? is a big mystery.

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