Rakul Preet Singh Comments in Anti-Sentimental Way!


Rakul Preet Singh is not looking to win some feminazi or Feminist points and she has always been against to norms that some pseudo-feminists decide.

When it came to #MeToo movement, she encouraged proper background check-up before accepting someone’s story or complaint regarding a celebrity. This made her come on the radar of few feminists who are desperately trying to make it into a battle.

Later, she did say that only people who cannot fight their battles try to make a fuss about them and she feels strong enough to stand by her truth and her words.

Now, she said that she doesn’t like to celebrate Women’s Day. She asked when Men won’t have a separate day then why should women have one and she commented that everyday should be a women’s day.

Well, from Prime Minister of India to local leaders, everyone are trying to make International Women’s Day, a day of celebration but Rakul seems to think in an anti-sentimental way.

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