Rakul’s ‘Legs Don’t Lie!’


You all remember, Shakira’s song, My Hips don’t lie, right? If you don’t, watch it and listen to it, it is a pleasure to eyes and ears.

Now, Rakul Preet Singh, might sing My Legs Don’t Lie, as she just exposed them in such a seductive way that no one can really be not tempted to say that she is ultra-sexy.

She managed to look like she is someone on a mission to make long legs and long leg-cut dresses big fashion again.

She has been releasing some hot images lately and these seem to fall in same category. May be she wants to now flaunt all the weight she lost with all the excessive work-outs?!

Anyways, she proved that she is ready to act with Senior heroes as well by signing Manmadhudu-2 (working title) and we think if the movie clicks she will try a revival in Telugu like Kajal Aggarwal. Let’s wait and see …

Until then we can sing, Her legs don’t lie, didn’t catch the tune yet, listen to the song and fill up other lyrics as you see fit, with our hint! Go on, it will be fun!

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