Ram Charan And Jr. NTR Together Give Tips To Avoid Covid-19


Covid-19 disease started in China as an epidemic and grew out as a pandemic in few months. With virus spreading faster than scientists being able to come up with a vaccine, WHO is trying hard to spread the message and curtail its spread as much as they can.

WHO has kept all the fundamentals that we should be doing every day to avoid contracting and spreading Covid-19.

WHO has also asked people not to panic and buy everything that is on sale causing for another kind of rush around the world, which definitely result in bigger issue of malnutrition.

But do we all go through the website everyday? No. Then what can they do spread the awareness?

Well, RRR team came up with a video featuring Jr. NTR and Ram Charan together talking about the preventive measures that can be taken to ensure that Covid-19’s outbreak is curtailed in Telugu states at least.

Political battle of wits has been too much in the States due to many reasons but this kind of awareness spread is must to keep everyone safe and healthy.

SS Rajamouli has a history of reacting fast at necessary times with correct steps and this is another example of it. He made videos about road safety, vaccination and even spreading importance of voting before.

Bringing two big stars of Telugu Cinema to spread the message is highly appreciable. As they say in this video,

Stay Safe. Stay Hygienic.

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