Ram Pothineni’s Boldness, Here’s The Reason


Soon after the announcement of the Intermediate results in Telangana state, almost 15 students ended their lives for having failed in the examinations. There are heavy allegations on the Intermediate board and a special committee is formed to bring out the facts.

On the other side, the celebrities, and other film personalities are trying to fill confidence in the Intermediate students that exams are not something that will decide a person’s future. Young hero Ram Pothineni also conveyed a message that what we study might not really help us in the future and it does not have anything to deal with our success in the future. He quoted his own life as an example but the way he chose his words resulted in a lot of objections and criticism on him.

Ram posted, “INTER RESULTS ey jeevitham anukuney na thammullaki, chellillaki..meeru jeevitham lo avvaboyedhaniki..cheyaboyedhaniki, idhi oka aa tho samanam…dayachesi lite thesukondi.. Itlu, Inter kuda poorthicheyani me.. – R.A.P.O #InterBoardMurders”

He used an abusive word in expressing his feeling. A lot of those who are criticising him have opined that it was Puri Jagannath’s friendship that made him give bold statements. Never in the past did Ram posted something like this and it is only now, after he signed iSmart Shankar, that it happened.

Whatever it might be, Ram should have expressed his feeling in a more subtle and sensitive manner.

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