Ram to do a dual role in his next


Ram announced that his next film, Red started shooting on 30th October and it will continue till March say few reports.

With his recent favorite director and writer, Kishore Tirumala at the helm, Ram wants to further his stake on stardom that Ismart Shankar as ignited.

After 16 years, he could see a massy blockbuster and the movie took him into youth and mass audiences better than his previous hits.

This new film will have him dual roles and one character will have a look with almost tonsured head.

The look and title are similar to 2004 release of Thala Ajith and it is too early to say that Ram is doing the same film or a story based on the film’s line.

But the look is same and title is same. Malavika Sharma is said to be finalised as one leading and for another, the search is on.

Another important update about the film is that Ram will be doing a dual role in the movie. This is first time the actor trying two roles and he is confident enough to pull it off after Ismart Shankar, it seems.

Hope, he doesn’t fall into the traps of mass films again and choose wisely. All the best Ram.

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