Ram’s New Heroine Turns Becomes An Intern In Real Life!


Malavika Sharma made her debut in Tollywood with ‘Nela Ticket’. While the film failed badly, her glamour show landed her in Ram’s upcoming film ‘RED’. She is playing one of the heroines in this action thriller and Malavika is simultaneously pursuing her law course.

The young actress recently enrolled as an intern to a Pattabhi V, a renowned criminal in Hyderabad. Despite her busy schedules, Malavika is making time to attend the court and witness trails. Her manager referred her to Pattabhi who agreed to it. Answering about how it helped her, she said that, “Gathering and analyzing facts, understanding each case and building on it fostered my logical thinking. The whole process has broadened my thought process.”

It is good to see the actress not leaving behind her education in order to become a film star. ‘RED’ is directed by Kishore Thirumala and Nivetha Pethuraj and Amrita Iyer are the other female leads in this film.

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