Rana Collaborating With Two Big VFX Companies


Rana Daggubati is leaving no stone unturned for making ‘Hiranyakashyapa’ beyond anyone’s imagination. This Mythological Flick to be the directed by Gunasekhar is being planned with a massive budget.

In the process of condemning the Kidney Transplant rumours, Rana Daggubati disclosed about the talks with two leading VFX Companies in the World. While one of them happens to be Digital Domain which is behind films such as Avengers, Spiderman: Homecoming and Aquaman, The other one is Technicolor which made Disney’s The Lion King a spectacular film.

Rana is contemplating on making ‘Hiranyakashyapa’ in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. Budget could be anywhere between Rs 150 to 200 crore. The kind of command he have on marketing makes the recovery of huge investment a cake walk. Releasing in four languages could come in handy.

Collaborating with two of the biggest VFX Companies hints what Rana has been aiming for with ‘Hiranyakashyapa’. It’s going to be the most ambitious flick of our Macho Hero’s career.

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