Rashmika Gets Hurt..Teaches Troll A Lesson!


Most Celebrities ignore the trolls and mind there own business. There will be few Celebs who doesn’t want to remain as a mere spectators when so much mud-slinging is happening on them. Rashmika Mandanna is one such individual who knows how to teach a lesson to the ruthless troll.

A Netizen shared few childhood pictures of Rashmika Mandanna with the caption, ‘Who knew this little girl here would be a International Dagar in the future’.

Soon after the post came to her notice, The ‘Dear Comrade’ Actress responded strongly: ‘I don’t know what you guys get out of doing this to us Actors. Is it because we are a soft target to you? Say anything you want about out work..you have the right, but no one has any right to say anything about our families or our personal lives. No actor deserves this crap. Being an Actor isn’t easy..each and every profession deserves utmost respect. I think people first need to start respecting one another. Congratulations whoever did this..You’ve managed to hurt me, didn’t think of you were capable of doing that but what’s to follow is on you’.

If every celebrity starts shaming the netizens who behave inappropriately, Only then the Haters will learn to respect people in the glamour field. Remaining silent won’t work..isn’t it?

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