Ravi Teja Is Happy Inside


Talented actor Sharwanand and director Sudheer Varma teamed up for the first time for the film Ranarangam. This gangster drama has hit the screens all over the world yesterday. During the promotional interviews of the film, Sudheer Varma stated that he was supposed to do the film with Ravi Teja as the lead.

But as Sharwanand liked the story immensely, Ravi has sacrificed it for Sharwa. Cut to the release, Ranarangam has been getting mixed talk right from the first show and the audience are just feeling bored by the slow-paced narration of the film. There are no scenes in the film which give a high to the viewers.

Apparently, Ravi Teja is now feeling happy for not doing this film. Already, he is stuck in a string of flops and by doing this film, it would have been another flop to his career. Thankfully, he didn’t do it and is now concentrating on the works of his upcoming film Disco Raja.

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