Ravi Teja’s Track Record Effecting ‘Krack’ Pre-release Business!


Ravi Teja is facing the toughest times in his career right now. He gave four disasters in a row like ‘Disco Raja’, ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’, ‘Nela Ticket’ and ‘Touch Chesi Choodu’. None of his efforts were able to save these films. He pinned a lot of hopes on ‘Disco Raja’ but the result was so bad that it is affecting the business of his upcoming film ‘Krack’.

As per sources, the pre-release business for ‘Krack’ was not so encouraging. Directed by Gopichand Malineni, ‘Krack’ is a serious action thriller with Ravi Teja playing the cop’s role. Shruti Hassan is the heroine in this flick. The teaser which was released a few weeks ago had Ravi Teja in complete action mode. it looked different from his previous movies and reports are the film’s business is already closed.

It came as a shock to everyone as films that involve flop heroes don’t get sold that quickly. Talk is that the makers didn’t want to make any demands and sold the film for normal rates considering the failure of ‘Disco Raja’. Ravi Teja is in a very bad form and Gopichand Malineni is also coming after a failure like ‘Winner’. As we know, Shruti Hassan has no craze among the public now. Taking all of them into count, the producers decided to finish the business for low rates and opted from minimum profits. Hope ‘Krack’ succeeds and brings back life into Ravi Teja’s career.

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