Raviteja Back To Teenage..Thanks To FaceApp!


A Photograph of Raviteja in his Teenage Days went viral on the social media and it’s been rumoured to be the makeover for his upcoming flick ‘Disco Raja’. Actually, That particular picture wasn’t the real one. FaceApp was used to make Raviteja look younger by many years.

In the recent past, FaceApp has become very popular in India. It’s an AI Face Editor which could be used to make anybody younger or aged. Most advanced neural portrait editing technology will be used to make drastic changes to the facial features in the original photo, so that one can have an idea how he/she would be looking at a particular age.

To clear the rumour in circulation, Makers of ‘Disco Raja’ unveiled the original photograph and informed that Raviteja’s look in the movie won’t be anywhere close to that in the viral pic. First Look of ‘Disco Raja’ will be out anytime soon. This entertainer might release by the end of 2019.

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