Remake Film Ended Up As A Disaster


Touted to be the official Telugu remake of Tamil movie ‘Irattu arayil Murattu Kuthum’, titled as ‘Chikati Gadilo Chithakottudu’ starring Adith Arun and Mirchi Hemanth hit the screens yesterday.

The trailer itself has showcased that the movie is going to have a high dosage of vulgarity and adult stuff. Proving the same, the movie also featured the same vulgarity instead of comedy. It seems like the makers tried to embed comedy by using sex in almost every scene which will definitely irritate the audience. The heroines in this movie are just limited for glamour show whereas the other character artists are present in the film to make double meaning dialogues. Despite having a solo release at the theatres, the movie utterly failed to grab the attention of the audience.

The story is about a girl a ghost who died as a virgin and wants to have sex with another virgin and create troubles for the two couples in the guest house. The makers concentrated on the adult stuff more than the comedy and got a lukewarm response from the audience.

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