Reveal If You Have Guts: Sri Reddy Tells Poonam


Poonam Kaur made it a habit to place Tweets targeting the person she wanted without revealing his name. She kept continuing this practice since the past couple of years. Recently, The Actress opined, ‘A liar can become a politician but never a leader’. Most People assumed Poonam Kaur could have targeted Pawan Kalyan yet neither did she condemn or confirm it till date.

Sri Reddy took this as an opportunity to make it a big issue so that she could trouble Pawan Kalyan in such manner. She took to her social media handle to advice Poonam Kaur not to be like a cat on wall. Sri Reddy even challenged Poonam to reveal the name of the individual whom she was referring if she have the courage. She assured that her gang will take care of everything if Poonam lodged a complaint against that politician.

What will Poonam Kaur do now? Will she show the guts to disclose the name of the Politician or ignore the challenge thrown by Sri Reddy? Anything can happen…isn’t it?

Media has been refraining from blowing the posts of Poonam Kaur and Sri Reddy out of proportion due to the past experience. Or else, It would have become a huge controversy by now.

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