RGV Asks Police To Not Stoop To Buffoonery!


Ram Gopal Varma proved that he can handle a joke, make sarcastic comments, take few on him and then see the seriousness of the issue as well.

At times, he did try to make fun of issues and events that did not warrant to such response. But he came up with a very sensitive request to Police in tough times.

He tweeted,

“The police themselves might not know it but public like me look upto the police and I request them not to do this Sampoornesh Babu kind of buffoonery ..I want to feel the police strength in the corona times and not to appear like a joke ”

Parvathipuram Circle Police station officers decided to make a comic video about how to social distance yourself from others. But the video did not seem to be funny as it seemed slightly amateurish way to deliver the point.

Hence, RGV made the above comments. May be these are the rare occasions when RGV tweets seem sane for some borderline comic acts.

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