RGV Heavily Fined By Central Enforcement Cell


A day after Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation(GHMC) had fined controversial director Ram Gopal Varma, now the Central Enforcement Cell has given a shock to the film director by imposing a heavy fine.

RGV who has been grabbing people’s attention with his controversial films had made a film on Pawan Kalyan and released it on his digital platforms. Before releasing RGV made huge promotions by releasing the posters and videos of the film. He also set up more than 30 posters of his Power Star film across the city.

Inspections by Enforcement and DRF teams confirmed that none of them had been approved to be posted on the walls. The CEC, outraged with this act and imposed a hefty fine of Rs 88,000 on the makers of Power Star. Rajiv & team received notices from the EVDM department.