RGV Heroine Dislikes Liplocks!


Ram Gopal Verma has a very forward outlook and he takes actors who also do anything on screen. It is in his films that heroines have been asked to look extra sensual in songs and intense scenes.

He is producing Bhairava Geetha in Kannada and Telugu. For this movie, he is introducing a new girl, Irra Mor. She talked about the liplocks and romantic scenes she did in the film.

The actress said that she doesn’t like lip-locks at all. She said they make her uncomfortable and asked her director, if they are so necessary.

Well, as the script demanded the characters to express their love in a certain way, she said that she accepted and went ahead with it anyway.

She also cleared that in future also she will also act in such intimate scenes if she is convinced script demands them. Otherwise, she wants to be part of normal films that don’t require so much of intimacy it seems.

RGV is known for presenting his heroines in bold and hot avatar. If Bhairava Geetha becomes a hit, Irra Mor might grow a reputation for her. Let’s see what will be her outlook, then?!

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