RGV Losses His Cool In A Recent Interview!


Eccentric director Ram Gopal Varma knows how to use media to advantage and make a living out of it. He comes up with one or the other controversy before his films release and gets popularity. He is known to give crazy answers to media and play them accordingly.

But he recently lost his cool in an interview given for a Youtube channel. He recently got huge publicity for ‘Power Star’ but it is not visible in the collections as the piracy affected it badly. On the other hand, Pawan fans gave a counter to him by making ‘Parannajeevi’. The film showed him in a very degrading manner. They projected him as a person who exploits women for film offers.

Recently, an anchor asked him some questions regarding this topic and RGV fired immediately. He asked how people could believe what others say and added that he is not giving interviews about his personal life but about ‘Power Star’. RGV demanded not to waste his time with these stupid questions and threw away the microphone while walking away.

This video is becoming viral on social media and Varma never walks out of an interview abruptly that too filled with anger.